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Welcome to Green Bean Wellness!

You have made the first step to a healthier you. My purpose is to help you, become healthier, stronger and feeling more energetic than ever. I truly believe that every person deserves wellness in their lives and that you can feel well again too! Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain control over depression or anxiety, hormonal issues or just the lack of time to make the right nutritional choices, I am here to help. Let's take the first step together.

Can you help me lose weight?

Yes! I can work with you to figure out what is wrong with your diet and whether or not there is an underlying illness that is holding you back from shedding those extra pounds. At times, an emotional or lifestyle change, along with nutrition, can help a client to attain the healthy body they would like to have. I will work with you to study all different aspects of life to get the low down on your insides, LITERALLY!

Will you make me only eat and drink things that are green?

Well, green does seem to be a magical colour as far as nutrition goes in the food world. HOWEVER, there are so, so many options in food that I can show you.  We are not limited to kale and spinach (although, they are so yummy and versatile). Our planet has provided us with a vast array of different natural and nutrition-filled foods to add into our diets.  I would love to show you a few options that will help ease you into a healthier lifestyle.

Do I have to stop eating and drinking everything I love the most?

There is a fine balance in life and I definitely do not believe in 100% deprivation from the foods and drinks that you love.  I personally can say that if I cut chocolate out of my life that I would likely become a much more sad human being. That said, I have found different types of chocolate that are more beneficial to my health and help maintain that more balanced lifestyle.  My mission is to make you happier and healthier, not depressed about missing out on everything that you love to eat.

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  • To use organic food as much as possible

  • To utilize local food to help sustain our local farmers and small businesses

  • To work with the little guy.  There are enough big box stores out there that don't care about your health or that you spend your money wisely. There are many people who do though, and that's who we work with.

Let me guide you to the foods that you need to change the way you feel (and look!).


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